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Gufidaun, das malerische Dorf

The Parish Church of Saint Martin

Frescos and sculptures from the 15th century

The church in Gudon was mentioned for the first time in the year 1280. It acquired its current appearance during the 15th century and was consecrated in 1455 by the prince-bishop Nikolaus Cusanus. The important frescos date back to that period: the Barbara Circle (Bressanone school), the Coburg Chapel (1465, by painter Ambros Gander), Mary’s Death (western façade, around 1430), Christophorus (tower façade). Also worth mentioning is a wooden sculpture of a sitting Madonna (around 1460) my Master Leonhard Scherhauff, Bressanone. The high altar is decorated with a picture of Saint Martin and a view of Gudon at the end of the 18th century.