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Gufidaun, das malerische Dorf

„Hohenhaus“ Manor

Treasure chest Gudon

A jewel which gives distinction to the scenery in Gudon and makes it unique. It is the former administration house of the Lords of Gudon with a medieval core. From 1618 to 1828 the “High House”, as it translates into English, was property of the Earls of Selva, owners of the court in Gudon, Isarco Valley, with a territory that stretched to Funes and Gardena. Around 1750 it has been restored in order to become a palais with neo-baroque decorations by the president of the province Caspar Paris Wolkenstein.
Between 1999 and 2001 a detailed reconstruction took place. Today the building is a multi-purpose house and hosts the permanent archeological exhibition „Treasure chest Earth“ in Gudon. A pleasure vor those interested in ancient cultures!