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Gufidaun, das malerische Dorf


Resolution pursuant to the legislative decree Nr.196 of the 30th of June 2003 "data-protection code"

Pursuant to art. 13) of the legislative decree Nr. 196 of the 30th of June 2003, we INFORM you, that the Restaurant Turmwirt has taken over the personal data of clients and suppliers, as well as persons, whose data have been taken over by other people, for example through the registration of external data for business-like information, public lists etc.; in the last case it concerns exclusively personal data of common/ordinary nature.

Our company guarantees, within the context of the legal guidelines, that the processing of the personal data will occur under the consideration of the fundamental rights and liberties, as well as the dignity of the persons affected, with special reference to the observance of secrecy, the personal identity and the right of protection of the personal data.

Aim and purpose of the data processing:

  • performing of legal duties, duties out of prescriptions, civil norms, as well as out of civil laws and fiscal laws
  • performing of possible contractual obligations towards the person affected
  • performing of activities in relation to the activity of our company, as well as the fill in of internal statistics, for the lay out of invoices, as well as for the handling of the clients' and suppliers' accountancy
  • aims in a business-like manner, such as the sending of information regarding business and advertising material (via post, fax or e-mail), marketing and market-study
  • protection of the demands and the management of the responsibilities
  • aims regarding insurances, especially credit-insurances

Your personal data will be passed on on demand, with reference to the above mentioned aims:

  • to the public administrations and authorities, if it's imposed by the law
  • to credit-institutions, with whom our company keeps up business-contacts for the administration of the demands/the responsibilities and for the financing arrangements
  • to all those natural and/or legal, public and/or private persons (law offices, administration offices, tax consultant offices, courts, Chambers of Commerce etc.), if the passing on proves to be necessary, or helpful for the exertion of our activities, as well as for the above mentioned way with the corresponding aims

The personal data used by the Restaurant Turmwirt won’t be diffused

The use of the data can occur with or without the help of electronic, in any case automatic means and contains all occurrences, which are provided for by art. 4), paragraph 1), letter a) of the legislative decree of the 30th of June 2003 and which are necessary for the concerning data use. The data use will be carried out in any case under the observance of all safety measures, which guarantee their safety and observance of secrecy. The data protection law gives the person affected the possibility to the exertion of particular rights according to art. 7). In detail, the person affected has got the right to know which personal data the holder has got concerning him and to obtain information, whether data concerning him are available, even if they are not yet stored. The person affected has also got the right to find out in a comprehensible way further information about those data, their origin and the reason and purpose of their use, as well as information about the holder and the responsible for their use and about persons and categories of persons to whom those data will possibly be conveyed. The person affected has got the right to confirm and to check, to correct and to add to his data, and to apply for that his data should be deleted, blocked or changed in anonymous data, if the use contravenes the legal requirements. The person affected has got the right to oppose himself for the justified reason to the complete or partly use of their data, as well as to demand the deleting, the blocking or the changing in anonymous data and without justified reason, if the data are used to the purpose of commerce information, of dispatch of advertising material, of direct selling, of market research and opinion research.

The representational rights can be asserted on the part of the person affected or on the part of a person entrusted, by means of an inquiry at the Restaurant Turmwirt, Gudon 50, 39043 Chiusa, or e-mail at the address info[at]turmwirt-gufidaun.com

The holder of the data processing is:
Restaurant Turmwirt, with headoffice in 39043 Chiusa, Gudon 50, in person of the legal representative Ms. Maria Gasser.